BALTILEAKS seeks to obtain and publish information of legitimate public value to the citizens of Baltimore, Maryland.

Examples include:

  • Documents or reports prepared by, within, or for government at taxpayer expense
  • Documents or reports prepared by private organizations, public companies, or non-profits which may affect the public interest
  • Leads and tips which may lead to information which affects the public interest
  • Datasets or collections of information which has value to the public

We do not solicit specific contributions from individuals. All contributions are voluntary, and we will not accept information of spurious value.

Any information we disclose will be released with journalistic intent and in-line with journalistic standards. We consider this a journalistic project and seek journalistic protections. We believe in the public’s “right to know” and will seek to release information which we feel legitimately serves this right.

BALTILEAKS is an apolitical, non-partisan, long-term initiative created by a small group of concerned private citizens of Baltimore, Maryland and our work is focused exclusively on Baltimore City, its government, and other interests relevant to the city.

We seek accountability; we wish to serve as a moderating force against the culture of secrecy that has characterized the decision-making and allocation of resources in Baltimore for decades; we seek to improve the performance of government, business, and non-profit interests in Baltimore by seeking and publishing information of public value to everyone.